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Allied Petroleum LLC (APL) is a privately held family run corporation, incorporated under the laws of the State of Arizona, USA. Founded in 1998, APL has evolved into a world-class commodities consultant and trader. APL has established new contracts with major suppliers of Petroleum products, Ores and Minerals, and various other global commodities.

Allied Petroleum LLC is a Christian based company that believes in Jesus Christ as Lord, His virgin birth and his death and resurrection. We espouse the principles of Godly business practices and believe that God has given clear direction to those that truly wish to walk upright in their life and business.  As such we commit to follow the precepts of God’s law in conducting business, and hold ourselves accountable to God and our clients for our actions.   Deut. 25:13-16

Dr. Moses Onciu, CEO has over 25 years experience in the international marketplace. He has established business relationships and sources over the years that now provide a very broad range of experience and capabilities to satisfy the increasing world hunger for raw materials. He is a graduate of Phoenix University of Theology with Doctorates in Management and Finance. He is also a graduate of numerous leadership and business courses and has an active ministry to the poor with over 300 churches under his direction and stewardship in Romania, Philippines, India, and Eastern Europe.

Dr. Onciu is heavily involved in commodities, having contractual relationships in several iron ore, gold, silver and copper assets in several countries, under agreements with JV partners.

Dr. Onciu and his wife Rev. Mary Onciu administer two international humanitarian foundations and have active projects in several countries. Profits from business efforts and donations support these ministries.

APL has negotiated and signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with providers around the world for the commodities most sought after by APL clients.  

In 2010 TRIMEGA INTERNATIONAL LLC (Dr. Timothy Cleary- President/CEO, Mr. Roy McVay-COO, Mr. Rashad Kitchen-CFO and Mr. Miguel James-VP Fuel Distribution) joined the Allied Petroleum Global Partners Team. Dr. Cleary and Mr. McVay hold board positions on the Allied Petroleum Advisory Board. Dr. Cleary also serves as APL Regional Director over West African petroleum development and works jointly with our West Africa Regional Director, Mr. Aizi Gnagni, and Mr. C.R. Harris, Director of West African Technical Services, in development of West African resources.  

TRIMEGA INTERNATIONAL LLC is currently spearheading the development of the new Allied Petroleum LLC (Global) Russian and African Petroleum Procurement / Distribution Division. It is anticipated that petroleum products from South Sudan will be added to the current Allied Petroleum offerings in the second quarter of 2014 which will increase our overall capacity by as much as 33% or more.

APL currently:

1.      Is registered with the US government (www.bpn.gov/CCRsearch/CAGE# 5G9Y6 /DUNS # 829469159) for multiple petroleum based products.

2.      Is a trader and distributor of Petroleum based products.

3.      Is an agent, or distributor for the following petroleum products: D-2, Aviation fuels, and Crude oils (MAZUT, BLCO, REBCO).

4.      Is negotiating with several commodities producers in Eastern Europe, India, China, South America  and the Gulf states to become US Representative Offices.

5.      Is following INCOTERMS 2000, URC522 COLLECTION RULES, UCP 600 ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits and relevant ICC guidelines and procedures and will not deviate from the rule of law in these matters.


APL does not transact business with parties who are engaged in any of the following prohibited items: 

  1. Money laundering or any criminal activity.
  2. Weapons, ammunition, or biological material used to make weapons or devices of mass destruction or devices used to kill, maim or injure others.
  3. Any person, corporation, government, country or entity that has professed its commitment to wage war or terror against the United States of America, its citizens or any ally of the USA.
  4. Any person or entity that traffics in trade secrets, copyright material, or any confidential, secret or proprietary corporate or government information.

Petroleum products

1.      D-2:                         RUSSIAN D2 GAS OIL LO.2/62 (GOST 305-82)

2.      JP-54:                       AVIATION KEROSENE COLONIAL GRADE 54

3.      MAZUT:                     M100 (GOST 10585-75 / GOST 10585-99)

4.      REBCO:                      RUSSIAN EXPORT BLEND CRUDE OIL - (GOST 9965-76)

5.      BLCO:                        BONNIE LIGHT CRUDE OIL (API-32-33)

6.     ORES:                         IRON ORE, COPPER, GOLD, SILVER,


We are ready to enter into any legitimate contract with principal parties that can prove capability.


Please see our registration requirements for doing business with Allied Petroleum LLC.


(APL) is a network of professional and corporate traders who have joined together to conduct commodities business, in a principal to principal environment, through the APL network. Each member must provide full diligence on their capabilities and corporate data to be verified by APL and then are allowed access to other principal parties who have also undergone these stringent requirements. This process provides security in the transaction between the parties and allows for a smoother flow of business due to the trust factor.  

  • Allied Petroleum LLC
  • 13371 N Fountain Hills Blvd., 114-331
    Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
  • 85268
  • 1-480-478-4561
  • 1-480-553-8007
  • Dr. Moses Onciu (CEO)
  • 1-480-239-7333

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