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Update on Dr. Moses Onciu's trial

Publish Date 2014-04-24
As you may know by now I was involved in an FBI sting of an associate. I was indicted on conspiracy charges of fraudulent HYIP schemes related to an investigation of two trusted associates. I have committed no fraud, I cheated no one, and no funds were invested or lost.

Although I was only the introducing party I was charged as a co-conspirator in this case and ultimately was the only one tried. Unfortunately my two fellow academics who committed these acts were able to negotiate plea deals with the court (without our knowledge) and were removed from the trial on the day trial started: one pled guilty for a reduced sentence, and the other pled "diminished capacity" and was found to be incompetent to stand trial, although her false statements about me were allowed to be used against me yet I was not allowed the opportunity to cross examine and refute them. Her false statements were the reason I was charged with conspiracy in the first place.

Apparently under the conspiracy laws if one person commits an act, even if you are not a participant in it or knew about it, you are guilty of the crime.


My trial ended on October 17, 2013 in Federal Court in Orange County, CA, with a finding of guilty on 5 counts of aiding and abetting wire fraud and 1 count of conspiracy. I was given a sentence of one year and one day, of which the last six months will be in a halfway house: a far cry from the 20+years the prosecution was seeking!

It appears that there are now articles out there that paint a grim picture of my character based on their twisting or distorting of the facts. In one I am portrayed as a "spy preacher" and facts are purposely stated erroneously to support this "blog" writer's scare tactics, apparently as a carrot to draw in new clients. We will shortly be filing a defamation suit against all of these parties.

While it is true I was found guilty, on 3/15/14 we appealed on the basis of the numerous "inconsistencies" that impaired my right to a fair and "impartial" trial. Until the appeal is heard and the final verdict is entered, I would ask that the reader of this post allow me to exercise my right to defend my innocence under the law until the final appeal has been adjudicated.

Regardless of the findings of the first verdict, I am not guilty of any wrong doing other than placing my trust in two fellow academics who I thought were honest and sincere. I will continue to fight to prove my innocence until I exhaust all legal remedies available under the law.

To those of you who know me and my character I ask you to consider our past experiences and not to condemn me until I have my final day in court.

For those of you who do not know me well, I ask you to give me the opportunity afforded me under the law to prove my innocence before you pass final judgment.

If anyone is concerned about conducting business with me under the circumstances, I completely understand and I thank you for taking the time to read this post.

The case number is SA CR 08-00180, you can find the case at "www.plainsite.org/flashlight/case.html?id=1501424" for those of you who will have the courtesy to do your due diligence before passing judgment on my character.

Thank you for your understanding.


Dr. Moses Onciu

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